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AWorkingLifeCoach, Mindfull Coaching

Introspective Coaching Gains Social & Professional Acceptance:  

As reported by the Harvard Business Review:

“The path to your own professional success starts with a critical look in the mirror.  What you see there- – your greatest strengths and deepest values – – are the foundations you must build on.”   Harvard Business Review

New Emotional Intelligence Coaching: 

  • On-line, easy to use.
  • The language is career / life oriented.
  • The EQI creates a visual picture of your core beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavioral choices. 
  • See your perceptions, expressions, coping and decision making style.  
  • A beneficial step to finding your “blindspots.”    
  • With coaching support, you won’t close the computer and leave the info behind.
  • (What is the EQI Assessment?)

Here Are Examples Of Just Some Of The Changes People Have Made: How Coaching Works


As we know, what may sound simple is often profound and requires insight, stamina, and a willingness to go through the discomfort of change.  It is a Strength to ask for help, it is Empowering to say I want to do this different, and it takes Courage and Clarity to go through the change process. 

I am indebted to all the people I have worked with, for the courage, honor, and profound ways they have touched my life, enriched me and enabled me to grow too.

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