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“A deeper, truer life – truer to your authentic pattern – is wanting you to follow its course, except its voice is quiet and cannot easily be heard in the daily commotion.”  Roger Housden, Poet

I concur with the research by Brene’ Brown who stated that an individual’s deepest search is for a life lived with three elements: (1) authenticity, (2) love and belonging, (3) a resilient spirit.

Have you ever been in this situation?

  • Trying to be heard by a loved-one or a colleague you feel  blind-sided, attacked or let down?
  • Try as you might, you don’t understand.   
  • Angry and hurt you lash out….
  • Or stunned, you stand quietly aside feeling irritable and ineffective.  

Understanding and effectively using your emotional intelligence  (ex: intuitive awareness, communication, mood management, behaviors, body language cue’s) will help you to navigate any current struggles. Enabling you to make better choices, to feel proud of your reactions, and authentically protective of your spirit.

In Our Work Together

You may expand your emotional language, increase relationship aptitude, have your life be the expression of who you are and strive to be.

Our emotions are the water in the well, the fault line that becomes engaged, a source of knowledge.  If you are ready to really make a change and to connect to new knowledge this work may be right for you.  We delve into core emotions; create ‘right’ thoughts that will benefit you; and make use of spiritual and behavioral processes that fit your style.

Similar to a house looking messy when you clean out the closets, things may feel difficult but people do acclimate and then “magically” climb into their new life.

My work includes:

Individual, couples and family therapy.  Adolescent and Adult.

Topics May Include:

  • Substance use or alcohol abuse with a loved one
  • Couples conflict
  • Depressive, Anxious Feelings, Injured Self-Esteem
  • Loss of motivation.  
  • With care, confidentiality and an integrative approach (a mindful philosophy combined with positive psychology and useful tools) you can recreate your life, feel better, and more productive. 
  • New Shame / Emotional Resilience Program will be starting soon!